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Here at Papillon Properties we now offer an optional flat fee to purchasers for our Hand-holding and AfterCare Service.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance we attach to this service for English speaking clients, even those with good French.

The myriad differences between the two cultures and the complex inheritance, taxation and estate agency laws can create the sort of situations that “disaster” TV property programmes thrive on.

Once you own your house we are here to answer all those additional questions, and help you settle into a new life here in France.

Your initial contact, be it by phone or e-mail will be dealt with by an native English speaking person who will answer any question you may have and arrange an appointment for you to visit our French office, and confirm this reservation.

Everyone who represents Papillon Properties in France is licensed and registered to work under the Carte Professional umbrella of the French Estate Agent they work with. They each hold a Carte Professional Mandataire which means that you are dealing with someone who is trained, insured and legally established to work in this industry in France.

You will be welcomed by the Papillon representative when you arrive at their office. We do prefer to meet you initially at our office, primarily for our own protection - but also because it is not unusal for clients to be late, or even not turn up at all.. We will set aside the time to accompany you in your visit to the houses of your choice. You will be able to peruse the up to date portfolio of properties and discuss with the representative those that appeal to you, before you visit. This may help to firm up your ideas, or dismiss unsuitable properties before you even get on the road.

Please be guided by the representative as to the number of properties and distances reasonably undertaken in a day. It is very different from searching for a property in the UK. Our office covers an a large elyptical area.

Everyone representing Papillon Properties is an “ex-pat” who has chosen to live in France. Because of this we do understand where you are coming from and are in a position to answer all those questions you are dying to ask:

“how?”, “where?” and “what if?”.

Whilst you are out with our representative do take this opportunity to pick their brains – they will be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you as this forms part of our Hand-holding and Aftercare Service.

Once you find THE house we will guide and assist you to make the formal offer to purchase. Please be secure at all times in our company philosophy:

“We show people houses, we do not SELL to them
– clients may choose to BUY”

We do not believe in a “hard sell”; we do believe in honesty; we hope to receive the same courtesy from our clients.

We can advise you on the local Notaires and their ability to ensure that their English speaking clients understand the Deed of Sale; and who are prepared to advise on your particular inheritance situation should it be complex, at no additional charge. We can introduce you to mortgage providers either here in France or through a broker in the UK.

Once your offer is accepted by the seller and you start on the buying process you have the full support of Papillon. We will discuss in detail with you the clauses to be included in the Compromis de Vente (first purchase document) to reflect your wishes and the contract we use is one drawn up to ensure your protection.

Any document you are asked to sign relating to the sale will be translated or explained. Even documents derived from a third party (mortgage lender, insurance agent etc.) will be explained in full once we have sight of them.

We will monitor the process for you and keep you informed. Once the Notaire is ready to sign the Deed of Sale we will let you know. It may well be a case of the old adage “no news is good news”. Of course we are available on the telephone, by e-mail, or a visit, to answer any questions you may have.

Once we have a date for the signature of the Deed of Sale, we can arrange Power of Attorney documents (if you cannot be here for the day of signature). We do arrange for the property to be inspected prior to the signature to ensure that nothing has been altered; that what should be left is left; what should be removed is removed; that (if applicable) the central heating system works and for the water and electricity meters to be put into your name and the utility companies informed of the correct address for invoicing.

We will accompany you to the signature.

As a new owner your can now take advantage of our AfterCare Service.

We are there to answer all those questions and help you establish yourself in your new home.

At this time, if you wish us to, we can make an appointment for you to open a Bank Account, and explain why a local one is a good idea; arrange to visit the local Mairie once you are the “new owner”; and meet with architects and/or artisans for any work you may wish to do. We will accompany you to these meetings if you are not confident in your own mastery of French.

We are often asked to define what we do within our Hand-holding/AfterCare Service;

It includes, but is not confined to, the following:


  • an office and phone number that deals with your initial enquiry and questions in English.
  • property details in English;
  • appointments to view properties booked and confirmed with a registered agent;
  • all official documentation translated and presented to you in both languages;
  • advice on inheritance laws and taxation or we will arrange for you to have further professional advice if necessary;
  • introduce you to prospective Mortgage providers;
  • advice on the clauses necessary to protect you, the purchaser;
  • whilst you are back in the U.K. we will monitor the legal progress during the time between offer and completion, and keep you informed;
  • arrange household insurance quotation (and translation);
  • we will accompany you to the Notaire and ensure, if he is not bilingual, he employs a translator;
  • we can assist with opening Bank Accounts;
  • arrange for water and electricity meters to be changed into your name, and telephone to be connected, if necessary, at your property;


  • we will also assist with your first introductory visit to the local Marie;
  • provide information on local French lessons, if available;
  • introduce you to known and registered local artisans (both French and English) should you wish to have work done;
  • introduce you to architects who can assist with planning applications;
  • provide information on local builders' merchants, shops, restaurants, bars etc.
  • assist with registration for Health Care;
  • assist with registration of your non-French registered car;
  • assist with registering the children at a school;
  • assist with registering for work;
  • we will do our best to answer or follow up all your questions;
  • when expertise is needed outside of our sphere, we will advise you where you can obtain answers;

This is not a definitive list - it depends on your needs.

We can, however, define what we do not do:

  • Make a reservation at the local restaurant for you to enjoy a meal there;
    - However, we will provide information on French lessons you can take or even give you the phrases you need to use

  • We are not planning consultants, accountants, tax experts, translators – we will always try to help, give advice where we have the expertise and put you in touch with other professionals where we do not

  • We will give you the contact details of Registered artisans that we have knowledge of, in good faith, but we cannot be responsible for the quality of their work  
  • We regret we are unable to resolve the consequences of employing someone who works “on the black”.



We believe that our service is unique: your “one off” payment of our fees entitles you to a support service for the LIFE-TIME OWNERSHIP of your French property.

Using a translated Compromis de Vente, trained and experienced representatives and Notaires who have a command of English (or the services of a translator), we believe we can save you on the costs of using a UK based solicitor/Notaire as well. However, if you are entering into a private purchase or one from a totally French agent or Notaire, we do recommend you consider the uses of such a UK professional.

As an organisation we earn commission paid by the French Agency from their fees, and from the fee for the Papillon service. We also receive commission from the Banks/Building Societies and Insurance Agents for introduction to our clients. We will, however, always give you, the client, a choice of these service providers.

We do not take commission or any payments from architects or artisans we introduce you to for work on your property, believing that it is better for them to give you a better rate for the work they do.







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