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A Slice of Rural French Life...

The Bread Fair at Paizay-le-Chapt

The 2nd annual Fête du Pain was held in the little village of Paizay-le-Chapt, near us.  It's a very small, local festival with lots of kids things.

Here are some of the pictures taken on the day.

The local bakers put on the Fête and they bake the bread for it in
the wood-fired oven.
This is a display of the "bread painters," the bakers who design in
The centre piece was the bread Zodiac.
Just looking.
There's a large tent (see next picture) set up for the kids where they can come and make their own loaf.  The bakers put the kid's name on the loaf and they collect it once they are baked.
The "kid's" Tent.
There are also food booths.

You are supposed to buy your bread and then pick and choose among the offerings at the stalls. 
There was a large vegetable stall, a candy maker, a booth selling hot sausages, one selling wines, the bread and cookie booth, and one selling balloons and stuff for kids. 

These are sausage sellers...
And one for goat cheese.
Measuring for the biggest loaf.  These will be used for the supper meal served at the fete which was comprised of an appetizer, a slice of bread with "mojettes" (French baked beans) and ham, cheeses and an apple tart.
The traditional accordionist.
Games for kids were "fishing" and a toss-the-frank-into-a-sabot or the old penny toss game.

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Dan Worley
May 2006



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